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Consumer Tips

Consumers who feel confident, informed and "in control" are less likely to have a negative experience when taking their vehicles in for service. Contact a shop before you need one and ask as many questions as you need.

Consumer Tips

Auto Repair   

    An ASE Sign in a shop window means the technicians have achieved a level of training and have earned the Automotive Service Excellence Certification.
    Sophisticated diagnostic equipment is required to analyze and repair modern vehicles.
    Before you leave the shop be sure you understand all shop policies regarding rates, guarantees and methods of payments.
    Technicians need up to 100 hours advance training every year just to keep up with the speed of automotive technology.
    Look for a facility with vehicles equal in value to your own in the parking lot along with modern equipment in the service bays.
    Be prepared to describe the symptoms and supply a written list of recent problems to your technician. Mention unusual sounds, odors, and changes in acceleration, engine performance and problems in handling, braking, steering and vibrations.

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Collision Repair

    I-CAR certification is evidence that the shop and its technicians have completed extensive training in all aspects of collision repair.
    Start shopping for a collision repair shop before you need one. Friends and associates may have the best recommendations.
    Ask the shop if they customarily handle your vehicle make and model.
    Look for a facility with modern equipment. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend specific repair procedures and equipment for the repair of their vehicles.
    Your insurance company is your "partner" when you're involved in accident, however your participation in the decision of which shop does the repairs on your vehicle is essential.
    All policies, guarantees and methods of payment should be posted or explained to your satisfaction.

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Getting your vehicle repaired...whose job is it?

Getting your vehicle repaired involves more people and details than you may imagine. Find out what key roles each party plays in getting your vehicle back on the road; from you, the repair facility to the insurance company. Click here for more informaiton.

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